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Kuk Sool Won Articles
  Hallander, Jane 1983 "The Secrets of the Korean Sword" Black Belt,
  Hallander, Jane 1998"Advanced FIghting Techniques of Kuk Sool"
Black Belt, pp32-38
  Coleman, Jim 1984 "Man of the Year"
Black Belt, 17th Edition, pp62-63
  Cockaday, Jahn 1999 "Byung-In Lee The Rhinestone Cowboy" Tae Kwon Do & Korean Martial Arts, pp48-55  
  Hallander, Jane 1991"Open Hand - The Deadliest Weapon"
Tae Kwon Do Times, pp28-33
Hallander, Jane 1999 "Korean Swordsmanship"
Black Belt, pp32-37, 180-181
  Lee, Jay 1993"A Lifetime of Training"
Black Belt, pp26-33, 91
Engleman, John "Kuk Sool Won: A Modern Art with an Ancient Heritage"
Inside Kungfu, pp40-43
  Cockaday, John 1995 "In Hyuk Suh - A Man of Vision"Combat, Vol 21,
Hallander, Jane 2000 "Woman Warrior"
TKDT, pp42-50
  Hallander, Jane 1995 "Breaking with Kicks"Inside Karate, pp20-24 Hallander, Jane 1985 "Self Defense At Your Fingertips: Jae Ap Sul"
Tae Kwon Do Times, pp22-26
  Goodlett, Donette 2007 "Life Balance: Jack and Alesia Harvey"Tae Kwon Do Times, pp32-37
German Newspaper Article, 6/4/2008
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