Kuk Sool Won -- Strong, Smart, Good. Martial Arts! ....    |   Upcoming Events: March 9 to 19 -- Workshops / seminars in Europe, Scotland and England for WKSA School Owners and Masters .... March 25 -- Great Lakes Tournament at Superior Lake Sate University in Soo, MI .... April 8 -- Pacific Coast Tournament at Folsom HS in Sacramento (Folsom), CA .... April 23 -- Spain International Tournament in Barcelona, Spain .... April 29 -- Midwest Tournament at U of M, St. Louis ....    |   Thank you all for your support and loyalty to the art of Kuk Sool Won!!!    |   CONGRATULATIONS Master Ken Duncan who has recently received his PURPLE HEART for his service to US military. Master Ken is the person responsible for inviting and bringing Kuk Sa Nim to US! Thank you and congratulations!!! http://www.theneworleansadvocate.com/community/sttammany/9257124-171/purple-heart-awarded-after-50    |   
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