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WKSA Masters

Chief Master In Joo Suh is the youngest member of a family that has practiced Martial Arts in Korea continuously for sixteen generations. His Martial Art training began early, at the age of seven, reaching Black Belt at just eleven years old.

After graduating from high school in 1966, In Joo Suh achieved recognition for his Martial Art prowess with many awards, including All Korean Junior Champion, Korean College Champion, Oriental Weapons Champion, and Oriental Lightweight Sparring Champion.

During his military service he was responsible for training the South Vietnamese Special Forces Units with secret combat fighting techniques. After finishing a distiguished military career, Chief Master Suh supervised the opening of several Kuk Sool Won™ Schools in Pusan, Korea's second largest city. Since his arrival in America, his fame has continued to grow through his participation and leadership of many Kuk Sool events.

He has been featured in dozens of the leading Martial Art magazines, including a number of “front cover” Issues. With over 40 years of experience, In Joo Suh is the highest ranked Master still active in Kuk Sool Won™ today.

In Joo Suh
10th Dahn Master

International Chiefmaster and Vice President,
World Kuk Sool Association

Chairman, Kuk Sool Won Korea
9th Degree Black Belt
Senior Executive Masters

Su Suhk Kwahn Jahng Nim
Barry Harmon
9th Dahn Master
Clear Lake City, TX
Choon-Ok Harmon
9th Dahn Master
Clear Lake City, TX
Sung Jin Suh
9th Dahn Master
Tomball (HQ)
8th Degree Black Belt
Executive Masters
Suhn Im Kwahn Jahng Nim



Sung Gu Yea
8th Dahn Master
Wilmington, DE, USA
Kae Hong Kwon
8th Dahn Master
Worms, Germany
Alex Suh
8th Dahn Master
Tomball, TX, USA
Philip Holmes
8th Dahn Master
Eastbourne, UK
Richard Roper
8th Dahn Master
Kingwood, TX, USA
 John Ives
8th Dahn Master
Norwich, UK
  Yong Chul Song
8th Dahn Master
Atlanta, GA, USA
7th Degree Black Belt
Senior Masters

Ji Do Kwahn Jahng Nim

Normand LaRocque
7th Dahn Master
Quebec, Canada

Jerry Sallee
7th Dahn Master
Fort Smith, AR
Ed Sanchez
7th Dahn Master
Galesburg, IL

 Gary Evarts
7th Dahn Master
Webster, NY
 Daniel Middleton
7th Dahn Master
Anderson, SC
Jack Harvey
7th Dahn Master
Saint Louis, MO

Sung Soo Suh
7th Dahn Master
Seoul, Korea
Donald McCondach
7th Dahn Master
Victoria, Canada
Tom Brewer
7th Dahn Master
Berkeley, CA

Hafez Adle
7th Dahn Master
Redwood City, CA
David Williams
7th Dahn Master
Calgary, Canada
Steven Isaacson
7th Dahn Master
Mildenhall, UK
Steve Whiting
7th Dahn Master
Stowmarket, UK
Martin Ducker
7th Dahn Master
Halesworth, UK
6th Degree Black Belt
Head Masters

Joo Im Kwahn Jahng Nim

Ken Duncan
6th Dahn Master

Darren Hart
6th Dahn Master
Lakenheath, UK

Phillip Hinchliffe
6th Dahn Master

Cambridge, UK



John Gravenhall
6th Dahn Master

Birmingham, UK
 Gene Gause
6th Dahn Master

Valencia, CA
Joe Foster
6th Dahn Master
W. Woodlands, TX

Tim Sheehan
6th Dahn Master
San Mateo, CA
Daniel Jolly
6th Dahn Master
San Antonio, TX
 Seyd Saidi
6th Dahn Master
San Lorenzo, CA

 David Hespelt
6th Dahn Master
San Mateo, CA

Jeff Green
6th Dahn Master
LeClaire, IA

Tony Renya
6th Dahn Master
Gold Country, CA

 Victor Quarles
6th Dahn Master
E. Woodlands, TX
Alison Ducker
6th Dahn Master
Lowestoft, UK
 Terry Heaps
6th Dahn Master
Alvin, TX

 Karl Stolt
6th Dahn Master
S.Ste. Marie, MI
Fritz Herrmann
6th Dahn Master
Nashville, TN
Lee Harvey
6th Dahn Master
 K. C. McLean
River City, CA
 Luis Galache
Madrid, Spain
 Donald Mackenzie
Edinburgh, UK
 Darren Brown
Kings Lynn, UK
 Robbin Baly
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
 Monty Pinder
S. Ste. Marie, Canada
 Richard Jones
Bury St. Edmunds, UK
 Ian Cameron
Inverness, UK
 Paul Carmody
Half Moon Bay, CA
 Joseph Burnett
Wolcott, NY
 Michael Gray
River Valley, AR
 Tim Nixon
Greenwood, AR
 Philip Sage
Abilene, TX
WKSA 5th Degree Masters


5th Degree Black Belt

Pyung Kwahn Jahng Nim


Tim Seitz
Crystal Lake, IL
 Mike Gooderham
Norwich, UK
Diane Houldsworth
Norwich, UK
David Gedge
Norwich, UK


 Paul Taylor
Ipswich, UK
Arby Hinojosa
Austin, TX
Farshid Shabafroozan
Toronto, Canada
Yvon Senecal
Beaudry, Canada

David Johnson
Leicester, UK
Sultan Al Thani
Doha, Qatar
Tim Challans
Washington D.C.
Robert Carson
Cleveland, OH

Perry Allen Lewis
Tulsa, OK
Clinton Stevens
Williamson, NY
Kim McLean
River City, CA
William Everett
Williamson, NY

Hyosung Jun
Oslo, Norway
Christian LaRocque
Quebec, Canada
Paul Cumbers
Great Yarmouth, UK
Andrew Gillingwater
Attleborough, UK

Nick Reeve
Central London, UK
 Carl Barrie
Liverpool, UK
 Cleo Randall
, AR

Steven L. Hurley
Greensboro, NC


Raul Sosa IV
Brownsville, TX
 Ben Mitchell
Peoria, IL

Ashley Sanchez
Galesburg, IL

 Jeff Gullicksen
Mountain View, CA
Amado Garcia
Hurlburt Field, FL
 Lawson Plummer
Walsem, TX
 Ian Hall
Norwich, UK
Carlos Alanis
San Antonio, TX
 Alana Groneman
Pearland, Texas
 David Aue
Clearlake, Texas
Gold Country, CA
Virgil Ines
Scott Slack
Newmarket, UK





 Keith Slack
Sleaford, UK
 Paul Codling
Norwich, UK
 Stephen Johns
Norwich UK
 Chris Winter
Dereham, UK
Kris French
Thetford, UK
Tim King
Austin, Texas
Bob Williams
Streetsboro, Ohio
Rick Cairnes
Wheatland, CA
Daniel Tejada
Yuba, CA
Gerald Phillips
Richmond, IN
 St. Paul, MN
Steffen Kellogg
 San Francisco, CA
Leora Goren
San Francisco, CA
Susan Wootan
Menlo Parks, CA
Kristan Quintana
Woodland, CA
Justin Bunn
Sacramento, CA
Kymberly Wadsworth
Marlin Godfrey
Landover, MD
Donette Goodlett
St.Louis, MO
Kelly Fleites
O.Fallon, MO
 Joe Flores
Magnolia, Texas
Wesley Heaps
Clear Lake, TX
C.J. Farley
Clear Lake, TX
Cliff Bailey
Florence, SC
 Toan Van Pham
Greensville, SC
 Huy Quang Pham
Greensville, SC
Catherine Smith
Caithness, UK
John Garrod
Ipswich, UK
Jatinder Boyall
Boston, UK
Jordi Velasco
Barcelona, Spain


Gavin Chung
Rachel Ducker
Halesworth, UK

David John Ellis
Lowestoft, UK

Thomas Gillingwater
Attleborough, UK
Lynda Gillingwater
Charles Reader
Norwich, UK
Ronnie Michael
Katy, TX
Matthew Goldspink
Lowestoft, UK
James Barker
Claygate, UK
Larry King
Wolcott, NY
Tim Webster
Wolcott, NY
Eric Spivey
Rogers, AR
Robin Holmes
Bexhill, UK
Jonathan Denny
Lowestoft, UK
Bobby McRoberts
Wick, UK
Kenneth Wright
Burton, MI
Emerald Aue
Clear Lake, TX
Scot Wilke
Clear Lake, TX
Kevin Groneman
Pearland, TX
Tommy Nance
Baytown, TX
Matthew Boniwell
Cork, Ireland
Jackie Barry
Murcia, Spain
Sandy Watt
Norwich, UK
Helen Denny
Lowestoft, UK
Kevin Clouting
Halesworth, UK
Shaun Alderton
Mildenhall, UK
Mark Nichols
Great Yarmouth, UK
Justin Painter
Placerville, CA
Debra Taylor
Rohnert Park, CA
David Collins
Lake Hughes, CA
Neil Woodbury
Clear Lake, TX
Antony Kinzell
Palmdale, CA
Christopher Wilson
Sherman Oaks, CA
John Gragowski
John Edmiston
Livingston, UK
Les Thurston
Eastbourne, UK
Richard Casey
Huyton, UK
Steven Clarke
West Oxfordshire, CA
Benjamin Forejt Sr
S. Ste. Marie, MI
Benjamin Forejt Jr
S. Ste. Marie, MI
Frankie Cade
San Antonio, TX
Heather Bouwman
Bettendorf, IA
Joshua Smith
Knoxville, IL
Stephen Boyd
Kingwood, TX
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