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Newspaper Article

(Article in French, translation below)

From Houston Texas to Rouyn-Noranda

By Diane V. Garneau

Master Sungjin Suh 8th degree of Kuk Sool Won has held a special training for all avanced students at the Kuk Sool Won Québec school of Master Normand Larocque.

Twenty-six (26) black belts and five (5) advanced  brown belts  from the Rouyn-Noranda school benifited from this high quality experience.

On the next day a special training was held for the Masters, Normand Larocque 6th degree, Karl Stolt 5th degree from Michigan (USA) and Monty Pinder 5th degree from Sault Ste-Marie Canada and a futur  5th degree, Christian Larocque  from the Rouyn-Noranda school.

Two days of valuable advice and high quality teaching where provided to our martial artists.

(Master Sungjin Suh in center)