News Bulletin

Dear WKSA Masters and Instructors,

On behalf of Kuk Sa Nim and WKSA, we would like to thank each and every one of you for a wonderful 2-week schedule of seminars and two tournaments in UK.

We started with successful seminars in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Livingston, and Aberdeen, then followed by a well-organized and well-prepared 1st tournament in Aberdeen, Scotland, where we had over 300 competitors. Recently promoted PSBN Chris Bird and his staff have literally wrote a book on near-perfect preparation of a successful tournament with excellent sponsorships, local media coverage, and overall organization. We thank you for all the hard work and wonderful accommodation by the hosting city!

Then, Kuk Sa Nim and his seminar team (consisted of Master SungJin, Master John Ives, SBN Nick Reeves, and myself) headed to more seminars in Liverpool, Mildenhall, Ixworth, Lowestoft, and Colchester. With a great enthusiasm, the seminars were enjoyed by both teaching staff and students. It is worth to note that Lowestoft school (Masters Martin and Alison Ducker) had the highest participation with over 80 students! Great job!

We then headed to Kings Lynn, where over 250 candidates were making every efforts to meet the highest standard of becoming Kuk Sool black belts and masters. The first ever 4th Dahn competition as well as 3rd Dahn and 2nd Dahn competitions were completed extremely well on Friday evening. The Saturday competitions for 1st Dahn and all Color Belts were extremely well organized and completed in record time, even with over 630 competitors. The strong support and participation by all UK schools as well as other European schools (Germany who took 2nd Overall school, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, etc) made this one of the biggest ever! Recently promoted PKJN Darren Brown and his staff at Kings Lynn were once again flawless in their preparation, and we thank you for your diligence and strong work ethics.

During the week of the European Tournament, we had an internet newspaper reporter (Mr. Kim -- you can check his articles on who put several articles about his week of visits.
Click on the second tab once you get to their home page. Then, click on the number "2" page at the bottom tab. Look for articles dated 10-06-02, 10-06-03, 10-06-05, and 10-06-05. There should be more articles from him coming soon.

Also, we had a camera crew from KBS, who are working on a documentary of different types of Korean Traditional Martial Arts to inform and educate the public on Korea's hidden treasure of martial arts. The 3-part documentary is sponsored by the Sports and Culture Minister and other Korean government agencies, and it will feature many popular and traditional martial arts of Korea; and Kuk Sool Won will be the main feature that will take the entire 2nd part of this three-part series. We are proud to announce that the Korean Government has already issued Kuk Sool Won as the premier and best example of Korean Traditional Martial Art in leadership, longevity, unity, and cultural quality. This is a very high honor for our organization, and it is a culmination of many years of hard work by Kuk Sa Nim and his loyal followers! The date of release on this documentary is unknown yet, but the crew is due for a visit to HQ this summer for more footage.

The Korean visitor, Dr. Sung (Ph.D -- we will not reveal his full name as he wished to remain neutral and unbiased) is the department head of the Special Task Force who makes the final report to the Minister of Sports and Culture. We can tell you that he was extremely pleased and impressed with everyone, from competitors to referees, spectators to honored guests, masters to organizers, and literally, he stated that he has never seen anything this professional, and that is from a researcher who has personally visited over 20 major competitions worldwide in last 3 years.

We are very excited about what the future holds for our great Association, and we will continue to keep our highest standard of excellence in preserving the traditional Korean martial art and will teach and spread Kuk Sool Won with respect and honor. We are not worry about what others say or do as we are focused on what we are doing and where we are going, and clearly we are going forward.

There are two very important issues that we must attend to: 1) WKSA email account, and 2) upcoming future tournaments.

1. We have issued all WKSA school owners the WKSA email account.
It is imperative that everyone uses that email account to communicate with the HQ. All WKSA matters -- announcements, updates, all types of requests (membership, certificates, promotions, etc), and others -- will ONLY be communicated through that email account.
We have recently increased the capacity to 4MB, and we will soon increase more. It is designed to use for official WKSA correspondences, so we hope that you don't use it as your personal email. We have attached the instructions to log on and change your personal password. Your password is secured with encryption, so no one knows but yourself. The Forum will be ready by end of this month -- we had some security issues that we recently took care.

2. We will be using the new set of rules for the following 3rd Dahn and 4th Dahn competitions -- Kyuhk Pah Hyung, Ssahng Dahn Bong Hyung, Ssahng Dahn Guhm Hyung, and Chahng Hyung. Currently the "Olympic-style" rules are being completed, and the full detail information will be sent out to all school owners by end of June or early July.

WKSA Headquarters