Scottish Tournament 2023 – Results

Kuk Sa Nim and the WKSA send congratulations and thanks to all competitors and judges!

The Results for the 2023 Scottish Tournament:

Grand Champions
1st Dan 12 & Under Will Lyons (Widnes) 25 points
1st Dan 13-17 Male Kyle Matthews (Widnes) 15 points
1st Dan 13-17 Female Amelia Clarke (Widnes) 17 points
1st Dan 18-31 Duncan Will (Kirkcaldy) 22 points
1st Dan 34-40 Jak Lyons (Widnes) 28 points
1st Dan 41+ Neil Manchester (Widnes) 21 points
2nd Dan Youth Thomas Glen (Bathgate) 16 points
2nd Dan 18-38 Luke Littler (Widnes) 21 points
2nd Dan 39+ Sarah Martindale (Widnes) 25 points
3rd Dan 28 & Under Amy Hudson (North Birmingham) 19 points
3rd Dan 29+ Andrew Cameron (Glasgow) 21 points
4th Dan Karl Martindale (Widnes) 15 points

School Places
1st Widnes (SBN Karl Martindale) 407 points
2nd Bathgate (PKJN Graham Philp) 346 points
3rd Winchburgh (PSBN Nichola Steedman) 173 points
4th Liverpool (JIKJN Carl Barrie) 170 points
5th Kirkcaldy (PKJN Graeme Temple) 105 points
6th Banchory (PSBN Earl Bashforth) 96 points
7th Stonehaven (SBN Paul Bond) 85 points
8th Glasgow (PSBN Andrew Cameron) 79 points
9th Falkirk (JIKJN Donald Mackenzie) 56 points
10th Aberdeen (PSBN Karl Sternad) 55 points