Kuk Sool Won University Coming to CEP

….and now the journey begins. Throughout this year’s annual CEP which is to be held March 1st to March 3rd 2024, the WKSA will give its inaugural address introducing the Kuk Sool Won™ University.

What is the Kuk Sool Won™ University? …. Simply put, the Kuk Sool Won™ University is a systematic study to educate, enhance, and express all aspects of Kuk Sool Won™.

The course will cover not just the physical training, but also the theory, history, philosophy, practicalities, applications, responsibilities, and mastery, together with teaching the business aspects of operating a successful Kuk Sool business.

With the amount of material included in the course it will not be a “one stop shop” and the course will, as with all higher education courses, take both time, and commitment.

In addition to the CEP attendees, to ensure as many Students as possible have access to the Kuk Sool Won™ University, the WKSA is extending invitations. So, if you are an active Kuk Sool Black Belt, and have obtained your School Owners agreement, the WKSA invites YOU to attend the inaugural address.

Please be aware that numbers will be limited, so reserve your spot as soon as possible. A notice will be posted when applications will no longer be accepted.

The WKSA is excited for your participation in this most prestigious event! See below for more information and signup sheet.

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